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colour program

We offer hands-on, curriculum-based activities. Our activities give students practical insights into culture, art appreciation and application in an informative and fun manner.



Colour Theory

Come and explore the colours of the rainbow! This hands-on program will teach students how to apply water colour paint and how to mix paints to create new colours. Using watercolour techniques students will create their very own painting to take home.

 Artifact Match

This activity is a hands-on look at artifacts found in Saskatchewan that are associated with the Plains Cree. We will compare these artifacts to what we use today in a matching game where they will guess what the artifact was used for and then match it to the corresponding technology of today.

 Block Printing

In First Nations’ arts and culture, one’s spirit is very important as it allows a person to experience creativity in life. With this in mind, our block printing activity is designed to let students’ creative spirits come alive! Students will be able to “mark” their creativity or history on their own print design. In this program, we will learn one technique of printmaking and design cards that students can take home.  

Artist Trading Cards

Create your very own mini masterpiece! Allen Sapp created his paintings by recreating scenes from his memories. In this activity, we will brainstorm ideas of special memories and then create scenes based on those memories on our very own Artist Trading Cards. Bring along your creativity, willingness to experiment, and your memories of fun times. We will supply a few different materials (a chance for the class to explore mixing media), for your artist trading cards which you can trade with others or keep and display for others to see your wonderful creation.


Parfleches are containers that First Nations people would typically store pemmican and medicine. In this program students will get a glimpse of parfleche history while having the chance to personalize their own parfleches, which will be made from paper instead of traditional rawhide.


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