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Allen Sapp Gallery Mandate

The purpose of the Allen Sapp Gallery is to serve the citizens of North Battleford and the province of Saskatchewan by exhibiting, collecting, preserving and interpreting original works of art by Allen Sapp for the enrichment of the quality of life and for the establishment and maintenance of an artistic and cultural heritage in Saskatchewan.
            The focus of the gallery will be the paintings and the life of Allen Sapp.

  1.  The gallery will house and display the Gonor Collection, the permanent collection of art by Allen Sapp and other Aboriginal artists collected by the Gonor family. The Gonor Collection is the name for the permanent collection of the gallery and includes art from other donors to the gallery whose work compliments and enhances the original Gonor Collection donation.
  2. The gallery will impart the story of Allen Sapp and acknowledge the role of Allan Gonor.
  3. The gallery will carry on the spirit of Allan Gonor, by sharing an appreciation of native culture, tradition, ceremony and art through its exhibitions, programs and special events.
  4. The gallery will provide supplementary programming consistent with the vision of Allen Gonor working to embrace and promote the visual arts and all the arts (literature, music, drama, dance etc.) with a special focus on Aboriginal culture and art.

            The gallery will work with all historic, cultural and art institutions to compliment these services and ensure there is no duplication of services (i.e.: Library, Chapel Gallery, Western Development Museum, Fort Battleford, etc.).

  1.  The gallery will work with native agencies and groups where developing themes and programs require such input.
  2. The gallery will act to encourage and support the growth of Saskatchewan artists by providing an opportunity for their work to be shown in conjunction with the work of Allen Sapp, providing their work is compatible with the gallery's primary focus the work of Allen Sapp. Any work by other artists to be shown in the Allen Sapp Gallery would require clearance from the Director.
  3. Collections by patrons of Allen Sapp will be solicited for display by the gallery to provide diversity and an additional dimension consistent with the purpose of the gallery.