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The Gonor Collection

Dr. Gonor is best known as the force behind the emergence of Allen Sapp, his contributions and interests extended to even greater horizons.

Dr. Gonor was a man of great energy and broad vision. For those who knew him, he is best remembered for his deep and sincere interest in all people.

Dr. Gonor's interest in people led him to travel extensively throughout the world. Sometimes when he traveled he visited different cultures and peoples in his capacity as a physician. In doing so, he was able to assist them while at the same time gaining a much more intimate relationship and understanding of their ways. As a result, Dr. Gonor served as a physician not only in North Battleford, but also in small villages in the Arctic and West Coast of Canada as well as on an icebreaker in Northern Canada.

During his travels, in the capacity of physician or otherwise, he took a special interest in the culture and art of each country. Dr. Gonor's interest in art grew from his interest in people; art became the most tangible expression of what each culture was. The Gonors' Collection began to expand and grow like a mosaic representing countries all over the world.

It was in Canada, however, that Dr. Gonor's patronage had the greatest impact. Allen Sapp was the first to experience Dr. Gonor's commitment, friendship and patronage, but later emerged well known Inuit sculptors such as Abraham Anghik and David Ruben, who credit Dr. Gonor as having been a major influence on their emergence as artists at a fragile period in their own development.

Dr. Gonor did not simply purchase art to add to his collection. Rather he sought out the artist himself and established a rapport with each one. He developed personal friendships with many, corresponding with them and opening his home to them.

It was his unique ability to relate to people, seeing their art an expression of who they were that set him apart. Often, as in the case of Allen Sapp, he was able to see and mobilize their giftedness and value long before others were able to.

Dr. Gonor will go down in history as an important patron of Canadian Art whose real love was people - art was the way he gave expression to that love.